Tsuyu is basically over and we are all screwed.

Did you notice it only horrifically rained like half of last week? This is not good. Not good at all. Last year Tokyo pretended it was Seattle till almost August. This year, it’s already in the upper 30’s just about everyday and we just passed freaking Tanabata! What a mess.

According to the Japan Times

Cases of heatstroke are likely to jump as temperatures surge this summer amid Japan’s first La Nina phenomenon in six years, according to the Meteorological Agency.

According the Meteorological Agency’s three-month forecast, which was announced Friday, above-average rainfall is expected in northern Japan in July, while eastern and western Japan, as well as Okinawa, are expected to see more fair weather in August. High temperatures, meanwhile, are expected nationwide in September.

But there is one bright side…

The nation is also likely to see fewer typhoons as La Nina replaces El Nino.

I can live with that!

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