Eric Carle’s “Today is Monday”

So there’s this picture book lesson in the local curriculum. Of course my school doesn’t have that book. But, we do have a massive collection of Eric Carle books. The simplest book in that collection is “Today is Monday”, basically a list of days of the week and a bunch of foods served on those days. Using some of the Hi! Friends clip art, I rendered some empty lunch trays and table settings. Voila! A custom picture book project for even my loudest, most unruly classes.

The original lesson plan I had to adapt things from is a three parter. To spread this book out a bit I did the entire first lesson as a review of the days of the week. We sang the song, we played Doubt, I read the book aloud.

The second lesson, we reviewed the song, we re-read the book, and I handed out survey worksheets. Each page of the Eric Carle book “Today is Monday” features a different sort of food. It starts with a veggie and moves through meats, fish, soup, chicken, and ice cream. So, I told the class, we are going to make our own version of this book. What’s the most popular ice cream flavor in the class? What’s the top chicken dish? The kids have to ask around, in English, and determine what everyone likes the best. Then, in groups, they use their assembled data to draw up a meal.

In the final lesson, I give them a chance to finish up coloring in their book pages. Then, in the last twenty minutes or so we read the new, custom book together. It’s all a bit piecemeal, but still fun.

Here’s most important part, the printables! Picture book.

Survey papers.

Days of the Week.

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