The 6 Kids I Have in Every Class

It seems like every class has these six kids.

Justice Kid

Justice Kid can be identified by their favorite word: “Zurui!” Everything is, “No Fair!” Before every game, the Justice Kid must ask at least five questions about all possible contingencies to make sure that all possible rules are written in stone. Justice Kid will then make sure every kid follows those rules on threat of death. Justice Kid will call out for teacher to settle all disputes because Justice Kid is always right. Justice is on Justice Kid’s side, after all. Justice Kid will not settle for fun. Justice Kid demands it be fair.

Meme Kid

Meme Kid knows what’s hot right now. Meme Kid will tell you what’s hot right now. And, Meme Kid will not let that Meme die until the next Meme is in full swing. Meme Kid is the kid who has to sing PPAP in every lesson. Meme Kid is the one who knows Koi Dance backwards and forwards. Meme Kids of years past wanted to know “WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE???” and they wanted to know it when? “IMA DESHO!” Meme Kid is like the internet, but in a tiny kid body. At least Meme Kid keeps me on my toes in terms of pop culture.

Future Television Personality or Career Criminal

I can never tell which one this is. In another generation, in another country, I’d maybe call this kid the class clown. But, they’re more than that. Really, Meme Kid is more of the class clown. This is the kid who can do Crazy Eyes at you. This is the kid who gets in your face without fear. Last year, this is the kid who waltzed into the principal’s office and pretended to BE the principal. For the most part, this kid is a boy. And, for the most part, this kid is entertaining. And then they do that one thing that makes me wonder how long it will take before this kid is in jail.

Same Jersey Everyday Kid

Before meeting a small army of Same Jersey Everyday Kids I used to think that anime series where the main characters never changed their clothes were unrealistic. They are not unrealistic. There really are kids who just wear the same clothes all of the time. I can’t tell if most of them do so because mom has given up, or if mom tries that much harder. It’s seldom Same Tshirt Everyday, either. It’s almost always Same Jersey Everyday. Most of these kids are sporty kids who have one super expensive Under Armor shirt or official Barcelona FC jersey that they never take off. Occasionally it’ll be a girl with a pop culture shirt. Hell, in one first grade class it was a girl with a My Little Pony rainbow tutu dress that she wore everyday. But, it’s almost always a dust covered jersey.

The Hidden Twin

I have never spotted a set of twins on the first day. Same with nearly identical siblings of different ages. Sometimes, it isn’t even actual relatives, just besties that dress alike and wear their hair exactly the same. It’s like being in the Matrix and seeing that glitchy deja vu cat. In every class there’s a kid that I could have sworn I already saw today. Oh, right. That’s because I had your brother in second period. Oh right. That’s because I saw your twin in the hall. Oh right. That’s because your best friend owns the exact same set of hair clips and tshirts.

The “Eigo Wakannai” Kid

Eigo Wakannai Kid doesn’t have to speak English, duh. Eigo Wakannai Kid is Japanese. Japanese people don’t speak English, duh. Hell hath no fury like an Eigo Wakannai Kid who learns about WWII in history class.

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