Restaurant Worksheet Pack

A preview of my coming write up on my minimalist take on the 5th grade restaurant section from Hi! Friends 1, Lesson 9: “What would you like?” for Laura. For the last piece of this lesson I throw caution to the wind and just have the antsy, end of the year 5th graders play pretend restaurant. After a quick demo, and with some setup, each group of kids at the front of the room becomes a restaurant, and all the kids at the back of the room become hungry patrons. Printables below the cut.

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You hungry?

So one of my teachers from last year got a new job as the vice principal at my other school. He knows me, is what I mean. So now he’s just a casual oddball all the time even though he’s the VP. Recently, he was all “You hungry?” at me. Why…? Oh, well, the school had a stash of survival rations that were going to expire soon and here. Take some home. Enjoy a snack on the school.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it?

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