Shit My Students are Into: Perfect Human

They first brought it into class chit-chat in the spring of this year, 2016. A snarky little shit of a boy who knows exactly how Dennis the Menace he is walked up to me, smirked, and asked “Sensei, are you a PERFECT HUMAN???” I, being way too used to that shit, replied. “Yes, of course.” Then, flipped my hair over my shoulder and batted my eyelashes. It wasn’t until it happened again that I bothered to Google it. Yeah, this meme’s entirely the fault of another comedian-singer. 

The offender is “Radio Fish” and their ridiculous hit song “Perfect Human“. The video gives you a hint of the absurdity that made this song a success with small children. The visuals, sound, and lyrics hearken back to international sensation Psy and his “Gangnam Style“. Gangam Style didn’t just have the catchy dance melody going for it. The visuals in the video were all a little off, showing what the song was telling us about the ridiculous pretentiousness of the ultra rich in Seoul’s Gangam district. Perfect Human is, similarly, not exactly genuine about that perfect human thing. The ideal, modern man the song goes on about is just a little too over the top. He’s about as perfect as the Dos Equis guy is “interesting”.


I’m sure all the references to The Great Gatsby are lost on all the grade schoolers, though.

I might have escaped this song if it wasn’t for the damn chorus. Over and over in English the singer proclaims, “I’m a perfect human.” And, so, to the English teacher we go with our new vocab! I haven’t seen little boys so universally smitten with a song since Golden Bomber’s “Memekushite” way back in 2010 and 2011. Every boy from about 4th grade up knows this shit. And, it’s only risen since it came out last winter. The group named their debut album after the song this summer, m-flo did a remix.

Honestly, I’m just glad that this meme completely replaced previous elementary school boy meme “Rassun Gorerai” and we are enough years passed from AKB48’s “Koi suru Fortune Cookie” that I haven’t had a 9-year-old cat call, “Come on, baby!” at me in class all term! Small victories.

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