Shit My Students are Into: Atsugiri Jason

When Atsugiri Jason bust onto the variety show scene in late 2014/early 2015, I went through all the stages. There was shock. There was anger. And, then acceptance. Now, I freely accept that, “Why, Japanese people?!” is here to stay. 

On the one hand, when Atsugiri Jason walked out on stage some two years ago and ranted about learning kanji, he was making light of something every single foreign national knows all too well. Who among us has not cursed at our language textbooks and apps when this damned language made even less sense then our own?

On the other hand, fuck my life. It started that winter. A kid came up to me and asked me to say the words. No, say them ANGRIER. Oh my god, she said the words! In a real American accent! Do it again. Then, some kids adopted it wrongly into their complaint lexicon. Teach, we don’t need no education. “Why, Japanese people?! No English!”

But, I’ve learned to make lemons out of lemonade. When the 6th graders didn’t know when several Japanese traditional holidays were celebrated… Boom! “Why, Japanese people?! This is a special day only in Japan!” When the 5th graders groan about how they can’t stand baseball… Boom! “Why, Japanese people?! Baseball is Japan!”

It’s starting to fade, finally. This old meme should be retired soon.

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