Restaurant Worksheet Pack

A preview of my coming write up on my minimalist take on the 5th grade restaurant section from Hi! Friends 1, Lesson 9: “What would you like?” for Laura. For the last piece of this lesson I throw caution to the wind and just have the antsy, end of the year 5th graders play pretend restaurant. After a quick demo, and with some setup, each group of kids at the front of the room becomes a restaurant, and all the kids at the back of the room become hungry patrons. Printables below the cut.

First up, the restaurant signs. I print these on light card stock and fold them in half. Most of my classes have 8 groups, one has 10. As half the class is acting as restaurant patrons each round of the game, only 4-5 groups need restaurant names.

In order to give the play activity structure, I created a placemat and restaurant review sheet. The idea here is that there are four possible dishes to order. The kids play acting as restaurant staff must ask what their customers want/like four times and bring the paper food as ordered. If they’ve brought the correct food, they get a O, if they make a mistake, the customer kid marks an X. At the end you can use these to determine what the “best” restaurant was, but it’s not necessary. This is just a way to add a goal/structure to an otherwise open ended activity. You must visit all of the restaurants and order four items each. Fill out your sheet and you’re done.

Lastly, the food. I made about 20 copies of each page onto light card stock and then cut them out roughly with the paper cutter. I use the lunch serving table as the “kitchen” and put each paper food product into a bowl or on a paper plate so that they’re separate from each other and thus easier to find and clean up at the end of the game. The kitchen labels go up on the board above the lunch serving table.

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  1. Hi Caitlin! Do you have lesson plans/worksheets for special needs class? I do 15 lessons for my one of my schools.. and I already ran out of ideas!

  2. Caitlyn, thank you so so so much for posting these! The parfait activity you recommended worked out really well. The kids left class not wanting to stop making parfaits.

    I hope they like this activity, too!

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