Red String

Some of these kids are just dangerous.

In one of my wild school’s 6th grade classes there’s this sweet faced boy who hasn’t had his first big puberty growth spurt yet. Most of his friends are taller than me, this kid is like four inches shorter. He’s got shining innocent eyes and fluffy hair. He’s what the internet would call a cinnamon roll.

He’s also deceptively impish. This junior Loki or Pan or what have you came up with the genius idea of bringing a pack of red string (well, red embroidery floss) to class. I asked him about it and no, there were no craft projects. No, there was no other reason. The kid had just brought red string to school to tie around other kids wrists to cause mischief.

You see, a red string of fate is a thing that exists out here. An invisible red string connects those bound by fate. It also pops up in the recent movie “Bakemono no Ko”/”The Beast and the Boy” where the boy ties one symbolically around the wrist of the girl he likes. Well, our little evil genius had his seat mate tie one around my wrist and cut me a second length to give to my love. I just tied it to my work notebook because… Because.

He then went off to recess to sow the seeds of anarchy in a bunch of 12-year-olds’ lives. The best to you, kid. You will go far in life.

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