Hi! Friends Series Flashcards, Monochrome (1 of 2)

Days of the Week

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Months of the Year

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December


1st-31st, First to Thirty-First


spring, summer, fall/autumn,  winter

Times of Day

morning, afternoon, evening, night

Holidays, Time

Halloween, Christmas, birthday, time

Home, Places and Things

home, room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, toilet, wall, floor, ceiling, roof, table, door, bed, bookcase, window, light, TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, telephone, refrigerator, tea kettle, frying pan, cup, glass, fork, knife, spoon, box, trashcan, curtain, mat, calendar, mirror, photograph, picture, CD, newspaper, magazine, clock, watch, camera, umbrella, toothbrush


t-shirt, sweater, shirt, pants, skirt, cap, hat, shoes, socks, glasses, gloves, handkerchief


grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, baby

Verb Phrases

play baseball, play soccer, play table tennis, play kendama, play basketball, play dodgeball, play volleyball, play badminton, play the piano, play recorder, play drums, play guitar, play accordion, play violin, swim, cook, ride a unicycle, jump rope, sing, dance, draw a picture, paint, make, write, read, teach, smile, laugh, help my friends, ski, skate, get up, go to bed, eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, go to school, go home, study at home, study at school, clean my classroom, watch TV, take a bath

Places and Buildings

supermarket, department store, convenience store, restaurant, bookstore, flower shop, stationary store, toy shop, barber shop, park, hospital, police station, police box, fire station, bank, post office, mailbox, train station, bus stop, traffic light, crosswalk, bridge, castle, tower

Nature and Weather

Earth, sea, lake, river, mountain, tree, flower, morning glory, sunflower, dandelion, rose, sky, sun, moon, star, cloud, rain, snow, wind


car, taxi, bus, driver, train, ambulance, fire engine, police car, airplane, jet, bike/bicycle, motorcycle, unicycle, ship, sailboat, balloon

Countries and Cities

Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, India, Russia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, UK/England, Finland, Egypt, Kenya, America/USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, London, New York City, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Sydney


singer, comedian, artist, cartoonist, baseball player, soccer player, police officer, fire fighter, nurse, nursery school, teacher, doctor, dentist, vet, zoo keeper, scientist, farmer, florist, cook, baker, pastry chef, bus driver, pilot, cabin attendant