Hi! Friends 2: Flashcards Set (Full Color)

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 1; Do you have “a”?

A-Z alphabet in upper and lower case, animal names in various languages

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 2; When is your birthday?

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, Thai News Year’s Festival, Korean Entrance Ceremony, Australian Christmas, American Halloween, Thailand, Korea, Australia, America, New Year’s, Setsubun, Hina Matsuri, Nyugakushiki, Kodomo no Hi, Tsuyu, Natsu Matsuri, Tsukimi/Keiro no Hi, Shichi-Go-San, etc

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 3; I can swim. 

play baseball, play soccer, play table tennis, play kendama, play the piano, play baskeball, swim, play the recorder, cook, play badminton, ride a unicycle, “I can do it” illustrations

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 4; Turn right.

park, school, flower shop, hospital, book store, restaurant, super market, fire station, police station, convenience store, department store, post office, train station

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 5; Let’s go to Italy.

America, India, France, Japan, China, Australia, Egypt, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Italy, pizza, cheese, soccer ball

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 6; What time do you get up? 

get up, play basketball, eat breakfast, swim, take a bath, watch TV, clean my classroom, play the piano, go home, eat dinner, go to school, study at school, play soccer, go to bed, eat lunch, study at home

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 7; We are good friends.

Hi! Friends 2; Lesson 8; What do you want to be?

cabin attendant, vet, zoo keeper, comedian, baker, dentist, artist, teacher, singer, florist, doctor, fire fighter, cook, farmer, soccer player, bus driver