Classroom Japanese: Shokuinshitsu

職員室 (しょくいんしつ/shokuinshitsu) noun. Staff room. 

It’s funny how I learned so many things in my Japanese classes in college, but never the names of rooms. I guess there’s no reason to teach college kids the rooms of a school, huh? Took me a while to figure some of them out. The shokuinshitsu is the Teacher’s Room aka the Staff Room aka the Teacher’s Lounge aka the place where all the desks are. Some others include:

保健室 (ほけんしつ/hokenshitsu) The health room or nurse’s office. 

会議室 (かいぎしつ/kaigishitsu) The conference room or meeting room.

放送室 (ほうそうしつ/housoushitsu) The broadcasting room. 

図書室 (としょしつ/toshoshitsu) The school library.

体育館 (たいいくかん/taiikukan) The school gym.

印刷室 (いんさつしつ/insatsushitsu) The copy room.

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