Classroom Japanese: Myouji

名字 (みょうじ/myouji) Family name. Surname. Last name. 

下の名前 (したのなまえ/shitanonamae) First name. Given name. The bottom name when a name is written Japanese style top to bottom with surname on top and given name on bottom. 

サイン (さいん/sain) Sign or signature. 

フルネーム (ふるねえむ/furuneemu) Full name. 

In the Hi! Friends textbook series there is no writing. No spelling. No grammar. No tests. But, they do paradoxically require you to write your name or your friends’ names in various activities and to complete several textbook suggested projects. Every single time I tell a kid to write their name on something, someone has to get super pedantic about it. They ask if they have to write their full name, if they should just write their given name, or should they have their last name in there. It really doesn’t matter 99% of the time, kids. Usually this question becomes a disruptive issue when a class has a weirdo homeroom teacher that insists they switch it up for English class. Hey, kids. In America they do this weird thing where they call their friends by their given names. Odd right? Stop calling your peers by your surnames and ONLY USE GIVEN NAMES FOR THE NEXT HOUR. Nevermind that you’ve been chastised for using given names and skipping suffixes for years now. Do the exact opposite or I WILL END YOU. Oh, here’s the English teacher. Let’s begin. Thanks.

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