6th Grade Zeitgeist

As the year winds down, my 6th graders disappear. Somehow junior high visits, tests, and orientations all seem to fall during English class and half the time in February and March I’m teaching a class of 40% capacity. Ugh. So, I give them a project; What are you kids into this year? 

I’ve done this project as a time capsule. I’ve done this project as a cultural exchange project. I usually have them draw their results into posters. Usually I film them giving their results. A few times, early on, I put their resulting artwork into a scrapbook for future classes and/or their partner schools in sister cities.

Each worksheet contains enough space for the kids to interview up to 15 classmates about their likes. The largest school I’ve ever taught had 4 classes of 6th graders with about 8 activity/lunch groups per class. This set gives you more than enough pages to have an original topic for each group. It can be a pain in the butt to print so many different papers but then you don’t need to explain all that much to disinterested 6th graders with senioritis.

It’s great fun to see what the kids are into just as they finish elementary school. And, this project is simple enough that partner schools in foreign countries and cities are able to do it in exactly the same way!


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