What time does Tokyo Disneyland open? A quiz for 3rd graders.

One of the later lessons for YICA’s 3rd grade curriculum focuses on time. It has a strong start, with a brilliant gesture based game and easily understood time bingo, but then falters at the end. Concentration? Really? So, I’ve swapped out the last activity of the unit with a variety show style time quiz.

The format is the same as several other betting games that I’ve done. First is the review. We sing and dance the ’10 Steps’ numbers song. Then I quiz the class on random times with a giant clock on the board. This unit is all and only about times on the hour. Everything ends with ‘o’clock’. When the kids have gotten a few correct and I’m sure they can handle the numbers, I tell them to get into groups.

Each group, I tell them, is a team. Each team is assigned a letter. I draw a grid on the board so they know which letter they are, then place a card beside it. The group usually identified as #1 becomes Team A, and so on. This is to avoid confusing group numbers and times.

Each group is represented by a letter. Each letter tag will be used to place their bets.

The meat of the quiz is trivia about regular things and when they happen, start, or finish. I start ‘em off easy.

What time is Doraemon?

The Doraemon anime starts at 7PM on Fridays, around here. Every kid in the third grade watches it. They all know. At first, many kids instinctively raise their hands. We know! We know! But, I instead grab the ‘A’ card off the board and point to Team A

Team A, what time is Doraemon?

…and push them until they answer. Then, Team B and so on. When I get an answer out of a group, I place their team’s letter card on the chalkboard clock beside the number they have guessed. Inevitably, everyone guesses correctly that Doraemon airs at 7PM.

Each group has placed their bets! It ends up looking a bit like a roulette wheel.

Then, I up the level a bit. Here’s a list of the question I used at my far school, in order of appearance.

What time is Doraemon? (7 o’clock)

What time does Tokyo Disneyland open? (8 o’clock)

What time do the trains at (local train station) start? (5 o’clock)

What time does Saizeriya close (2 o’clock)

What time is sunrise/sun-up? (6 o’clock)

What time does Kouhaku Utagassen start? (7 o’clock)

What time does News Every start? (4 o’clock)

This school is one block away from a Saizeriya, a Jolly Pasta, and a Gusto restaurant so I used those. My other school had a McDonald’s and a Sushiro to quiz about opening and closing times. Kids know the words open and close pretty well, but I gesture them anyway and emphasize the general gist by repeating good morning or good night after each open/close question. I alternate really hard questions and really easy questions. Most of this stuff feels to them like it should be obvious, it’s almost on the tip of their tongues! It’s just like the quiz shows on TV.

There’s two way to keep score here. For an unruly class, I give one point for each correct guess. For good classes, I skip awarding points all together and give a stamp on the stamp card to all the members of each team that guessed correctly. This means basically everyone gets one in the first round, and then picks up usually two or three more by the end.

After each question is asked, the kids dive into discussion among their group members. It’s very cute, honestly. Because of this, and because each group has to declare out lout the time they’re guessing each round, it takes a while to get through a single quiz question. The most questions a class got through were 8. I had a few back up restaurant open/close times and TV show start/end times as backup but didn’t need them. Programs that are the same year round are the best, including Youkai Watch, Music Station, and Itte Q.

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